Scheuch’s comprehensive range of dust filtration and separation products such as the Impulse Cleaning System, and modular filter model can be designed to meet virtually any  application, process, and structural conditions.  Volumetric flows from 100 to over 3,000,000 m3/​h can be achieved for de­dust­ing and gas cleaning in the different industries requiring these processes.

Scheuch applies decades of experience of air pollution control technology from the planning phase to commissioning.  Customers continue to experience minimal pressure loss achieved through optimal filter inflow and outflow by using the right filter bags.  Scheuch provides every customer with the most economical and efficient solution.


Advantages of Scheuch Baghouses and Dust Collectors

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  • Uniform cleaning extends long filter bag life
  • Local, quick response service team
  • Manufacturing and commissioning performed by highly qualified Scheuch and Schust personnel
  • Aftermarket service, spare and replacement parts support ensures operational safety
  • Large variety of construction types available — from individual units and series, to chamber filters and round filters
  • EMC technology provides unique online and offline operating modes
  • Scheuch Pulse Master Series control units provide optimal energy savings
  • Bag lengths of up to 39 feet (12 m)
  • Operating temperatures of up to 536° F (280° C)
  • Pressure surge resistant design for operating with explosive atmospheres of air mixtures combined with explosion decoupling and explosion
  • Pressure venting or explosion suppression




The dust collector’s control unit has a major impact on extraction, dust collection, or emissions cleaning system efficiency.  At Scheuch, we develop, produce, and test our own control units.  Scheuch control units paired with the right air pollution control system will separate dust efficiently.  No programming knowledge is required because the control unit displays have also been designed for our global customers in mind and use universal symbols and visuals.

Four models to choose from for your application:

  • PulseMaster Basic
  • PulseMaster Basic +
  • PulseMaster Advanced
  • PulseMaster Premium
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