The Impulse Filter system is engineered to maximize reliability while reducing operating costs. The design of the Impulse Filter begins with the inlet manifold configuration. The inlet baffle system distributes dust-laden air upwards in between and below the filter bags. This distribution system minimizes high can velocity effects required for dust removal from the filter media. As dust begins to build on the surface of the filter media, differential pressure and filtration efficiency increases.

The cleaning system activates once a desired setpoint is reached. Each row of filter bags or blowpipe is designed to maintain consistent compressed air outlet velocity into each bag along the pipe using a specific diameter dual nozzle design. This primary air passes through the venturi drawing in secondary air to break the dust cake and discharge the dust.

Overcoming the interstitial velocity between bags requires less cleaning energy than other systems due to the inlet design and blowpipe efficiency. Since the filter bags require less overpressure for proper cleaning, they last longer.

Scheuch baghouse technology



With thousands of Impulse Filter models built and shipped all over the world, this pulse jet dust collector has been one of Scheuch’s core products since 1979.  With its robust design and proven reliability, customers can expect up time of over 99%.  The Impulse Filter maximizes productivity in virtually every industry.

Rectangular Impulse Filter

Impulse Filter bags are cleaned using compressed air pulses. The dust-laden air enters the filter casing and is diverted upwards by a baffle plate. This process protects the filter bags from excessive wear and allows pre-separation of coarse particles. The dust particles are retained on the surface of the filter media and blown off the bags using compressed air. The separated dust falls into the hopper, and the discharge screw conveyor continuously conveys the separated material away from the Impulse Filter. The clean air leaves the system via the clean-gas chamber or it can be fed back into the facility as return air.

Round Impulse Filter

The round Impulse Filter is a compact, high-capacity separator.  It has the same cleaning system as the rectangular filter and is primarily used for heavy-dust load in crude gas.  The round Impulse Filter acts as a centrifugal separator in the lower crude gas inlet area.  Dirty air enters the cyclone in the lower area tangentially.  The centrifugal separation method discharges the majority of the particles via the dust collection cone.  The dirty air is then diverted upwards where it flows through the filter bags and leaves the system clean.  Its design allows it to separate large quantities of material and makes it suitable for use in pneumatic conveying and central vacuum applications.

Energy Minimizing


Scheuch’s EMC dust collector technology allows you to automatically isolate a broken bag and continue operations – minimizing downtime and maximizing production.

There are limits to how much investment and maintenance costs can be optimized in conventional filter technologies in terms of function and filter bag lengths.  Scheuch’s EMC technology sets new standards in pressure loss, cleaning pressure, bag length and bag lifetime.

By using a patented, mirror-image control system to shut off individual modules, it is possible to combine online and offline operation.  Such an advantage ensures constant, low differential pressure cleaning throughout operation which minimizes the total cost of ownership with Scheuch’s EMC Technology.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduce compressed air usage
  • Consistent bag cleaning with low pressure compressed air (35-45 PSI) is less aggressive on the filter media resulting in longer lasting bags
  • Long bag technology means more filtration area in a smaller footprint



Scheuch has developed a unique Impulse Filter with space minimizing (SMC) technology to maximize performance when space is limited.  The twin-jet nozzle reduces the amount of costly compressed air needed for cleaning and therefore extending bag life.

The SMC Impulse Filter performs equally as well as the classic round Impulse Filter with a volumetric flow from 3531 acfm (6000 Bm3/h).  The horizontal design can be used in virtually all industrial dedusting applications where floor space or ceiling height is limited.

The SMC technology is designed in fewer assemblies which allows for a quick installation minimal downtime.

Features and Benefits:

  • Optimized crude gas flow
  • Top down air flow
  • Longer bag life

SMC Technology makes changing bags easier. The pulse jet cleaning system with two-tiered diaphragm valves and corresponding pilot valve with a tank integrated design enables gentle, uniform cleaning through every individual bag resulting in longer bag life.  The patented support cage injector system with a design suited to industrial use ensures a tight seal using a snap ring to reduce dust emissions.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was used to optimize dust and air flow conditions for the Scheuch SMC.  The crude gas flow cover with integrated flow rectifiers and baffle plates ensure an even top down flow distribution throughout the entire filter bag. This enables high filter area loads alongside a low differential pressure.  Bag damage at the inlet area is avoided by preventing circulation bypasses or excessive local flow velocities.


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