Scheuch supplies SDI Biocarbon Solutions, LLC, with superior environmental technologies.

The international environmental technology company Scheuch received an order from SDI Biocarbon Solutions, LLC, for an exhaust air purification system for their plant in Columbus, MS, USA.

The scope of supply includes two deconox® solutions: the combined process of regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) with low-dust SCR (selective catalytic reduction). The project will start this year and is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

SDI Biocarbon Solutions, LLC is simultaneously reducing oxides of nitrogen and organic carbon compounds using the Scheuch-patented process. By doing this, the biocarbon manufacturer is strengthening its environmental commitment and moving closer to the company’s aggressive sustainability objectives.

The Scheuch scope of supply includes two deconox® solutions, assorted equipment, and installation and commissioning support.

With this order, Scheuch remains true to its international success story and repeatedly emphasizes its technology leadership with Austrian know-how in the American market.

We are proud to support SDI Biocarbon Solutions on their journey to reduce the CO2 footprint in steel production,” says John Rothermel, President of Scheuch USA Inc.

Scheuch’s equipment provides an innovative solution to our unique flow stream. We are excited to have Scheuch as a supplier partner as we move forward with the construction of our biocarbon production facility,” says Jeff Hansen, VP Environmental Sustainability for Steel Dynamics, Inc. 

deconox® for the future

deconox® is a sustainable process for industrial exhaust air purification from Scheuch. With deconox®, energy from polluted exhaust air is used to break down other substances, such as nitrogen oxides and organic compounds. This significantly reduces emissions in the industrial environment and prevents unpleasant odors. As the residual energy can also be fed back into the production process or utilized in other ways, this also significantly contributes to saving energy.   More…

Jim Weber Appointed as New Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Lenexa, Kansas, July 10, 2023 – Scheuch North America announces the promotion of Jim Weber to Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO). His proven track record of delivering on key strategic sales initiatives and achieving exceptional client satisfaction is in large part the reason for Scheuch NA’s continued success.

Jim’s enthusiasm and commitment to serving the needs of our customers speaks to the culture at Scheuch. His leadership skills help to motivate our team daily to deliver products and solutions that exceed client expectations,” said John Rothermel, President.

Since joining the company three years ago, Weber has made it a priority to unite and empower employees across Scheuch’s many business units. This has had a significant impact on all aspects of the company. In his new role as CSMO, Weber will continue to share Scheuch’s outlook on the future and, along with the rest of the executive team, continue to guide the company into its next stage of expansion.

North American subsidiary of the international Scheuch Group won a $70 million dollar contract in the recycling industry.

Scheuch North America continues the Scheuch Group’s story of success. Last year, the company landed a major contract for 30 million dollars with its North American branch. Now John Rothermel (President) and Jörg Jeliniewski (Chairman) of the American business unit are pleased to announce a 70-million-dollar contract for environmental technology systems in the recycling industry. It is the most significant order in the history of the organization.

For A Clean Recycling Industry

Rothermel believes “The award of $70 million comes from the recycling industry and has great significance for Scheuch. It again gives valuable impetus to the business unit’s location in America and confirms the success of our innovative and customer-tailored solutions for the industry. Sharing the resources and expertise of the Scheuch Group in Europe and Scheuch North America facilitates the execution of this order. Such large-scale projects are what everyone wants. That’s why we are all the more pleased that our highly qualified teams and efficient production capabilities have enabled us to stand out from the competition. By gaining market share in the recycling industry, the order also gives us confidence for the future.”

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